BARMM’s 2nd Foundation Day

The Madaris education sector of the MBHTE organized a religious program vied by young contestants from different districts of the Cotabato division.

The contest has successfully facilitated and six winners have been identified. In Qur-an reading category, Ryanfe B. Kindi of District III won the 3rd place, Abdulmuhaimen M. Batingcay of District VIIwon the 2nd place and Fahad A. Semaof District II got the 1st place. In Adhaan category, Yashmer S. Abedin of District V won the 3rd place, Nashim M. Guiaman of District II won the 2nd place and Kaharudin Z. Daudof District IIIgot the 1st place. The 1st place received a prize worth Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000), 2nd place received Seven Thousand Pesos (7,000) cash prizewhile the 3rd place got Five Thousand Pesos (5,000). Surprisingly, the office of Directorate General for Madaris Education allotted worth Two Thousand Pesos (2,000) for the early bird. It was given to Fahad A. SemaandNashim M. Guiaman of District II.