DG Tahir was present during the deliberations concerning Bill No. 31, which aims to establish the Bangsamoro Institute for Higher Islamic Studies (BIHIS). This specialized institution is set to provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Islamic and Arabic studies within the region. Notably, the committee responsible for Basic, Higher, and Technical Education has granted its approval for this initiative.

DG Tahir underscored the institution’s importance by elucidating the distinctions between BIHIS and the existing Regional Madrasah Graduate Education (REMA) system. Furthermore, he emphasized that BIHIS is designed to incorporate the standards established by the Commission on Higher Education, while maintaining a strong focus on Islamic studies and Arabic language education.

Upon its enactment, BTA Bill No. 31 will revoke the Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No. 164, otherwise known as the Regional Madrasah Graduate Education Act of 2003.