On January 18, 2021, a simple yet inspiring kickoff ceremony was held at the Bangsamoro Government Center attended by the Executives and employees from different Ministries. The ceremony enlivens the basic foundation of the Bangsamoro administration. Inspiring and motivating messages delivered by the executives compels an enormous impact on the audience regarding on the public service to the Bangsamoro community.

“Striving for moral governance that emphasizes on the betterment of the Bangsamoro” is the epitome of the ceremony. After the event, some of the Ministries express their own way of celebration through series of activities and gatherings up until January 22, 2021. Celebrated also in the different divisions of the BARMM within different municipalities.

MBHTE Basilan Schools Division

January 18, 2021

Basilan SDO kick-off activities for the BANGSAMORO AUTONOMOUS REGION IN MUSLIM MINDANAO foundation day scheduled on January 21, 2021.

MBHTE – Division of city Schools

Marawi City Division Join the Synchronized Flag Raising and Singing of BARMM Hymn in the 2nd BARMM Anniversary Celebration

Barira South MBHTE
Monday Happening: Flag Raising and Simple Program LPA weather can’t stop UASians in celebrating Bangsamoro Foundation Day.